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NASA 4G network to run on moon, high speed internet, by 2024

 NASA has given a contract to Nokia to establish a high-speed 4G network on the moon. For this, NASA has given $ 14.1 million (about 1,02,82,02,000.00 rupees) to Nokia. Nokia has started working on the project of 4G Cellular Communications Network on the moon.

14 US companies are partners

NASA has partnered with 14 small US companies to develop this technology. These companies will help NASA in the work of establishing the Artemis operation on the Moon by the end of this decade. NASA is spending $ 370 million for it. Nokia has been given $ 14.1 million to develop 4G infrastructure on the moon. Let us tell you that Nokia of America Corporation has been included in the US companies selected for this mission by NASA.

It's not the first try

According to a media report, this is not Nokia's first attempt to establish a 4G network on the moon. Nokia announced a similar partnership with Vodafone Germany in 2018. Nokia had claimed at that time that by 2019 the 4G network would be installed on the lunar surface, but this could not happen.

What NASA believes

NASA believes that Nokia has been engaged in this work for a long time. The company has done a lot of research and ground work in this field. NASA says that the system Nokia is trying to develop can support greater distance, faster speed and better communication on the lunar surface.